About Me

Self-Love Advocate


Heel Dance Instructor

I encourage women to go outside their comfort zone and to challenge their Inner-Beyoncé! If you are looking for someone to create a fun, energetic, sexy and confidence building experience, than I am here for you!

Motivational Speaker

Empowering others to follow their dreams & simply be FANTASTIC!

About Amanda Fantastic

"Be the butterfly in the world that brings beauty by simply being yourself"

January 2018, Amanda decided it was time to start living the life she was meant to live! She spent 8 years in the Corporate America World and was stifled from truly being herself! Striped from every angle of how to act, talk, believe, dress and above all, woke up everyday feeling unhappy! She took an insane risk and did something crazy! She quit her job and realized it was time to let the world see Amanda Fantastic! 

Known for her charismatic and energetic personality, Amanda is one unstoppable woman! A published author, blogger, motivational speaker and dancer! She does it all!

Raised in New York, Amanda started dancing at the age of four. You best believe she has and still continues to move and groove her way through life! Studies include but not limited to  jazz, contemporary and hip-hop.  

This lead to creation of her Heel Dance Class which allows her to share her signature moves with the world!

Paving her way through the fitness world, Amanda is a certified Kerboomka Instructor! 

Amanda is a huge self love advocate and strives to give other's the same gift she gave herself, self worth! She has a way with words that are raw, humble and real! 

No more Red Lipstick

On December 2, 2015 I self published my most valuable accomplishment, my book “Table for One Please”.

Yet it was self published under the pen name “Red Lipstick”. I created this pen name as a safety blanket to come out to the world without giving all of me because I was scared. Scared of what people would think! My job, my friends, my family and people who didn’t even know me. This book took me 3 years to write and gave me my self worth. Made me realize that I am a priority and the Golden ticket isn’t within someone else, it’s within yourself!

This began my journey as a self love advocate and I am the happiest I ever been! Recently, I realized why I created this alter ego and knew if I wanted to take myself to the next level, I needed to come clean about this huge part of me!

So, there you have it! No more Red Lipstick! I am Amanda Fantastic! I am fierce, powerful, strong and have a voice that needs to be heard!

**Stay turn for the re-launch of version 2 of “Table for One Please” by Amanda Fantastic!

I’m here world, and I’m just getting started!